Blogging: The Money Machine

One of the most well-liked and successful forms of online earnings
is blogging. You may use this to spread your knowledge, enthusiasm, and skill
while generating passive revenue from things like adverts, affiliate marketing,
sponsored posts, and more. But how can you launch a profitable blog? What are
the finest methods and tactics for expanding your clientele and earning more
money? And where can you find free instruction for all these skills? If you’re
searching for solutions to these issues, you may want to look into the Hisham
Sarwar Blogging course free download. Hisham Sarwar, a freelancer,
trainer, and businessman from Pakistan, teaches subjects including social media
marketing, blogging, SEO, and freelancing. The Hisham Sarwar Blogging Course Free
Download will be examined in this post to see what it covers, what you can
learn from it, and how it can help you start or build your own blog.

Hisham Sarwar Blogging Course Free Download

What is Hisham Sarwar Blogging
course free download?

The blogging
course by Hisham Sarwar free download is a series of videos. 
This course covers: 

  • Fundamentals of blogging
  • What is
  • How to
    select a niche?
  • Construct a blog
  • Write compelling material
  • Optimize your blog for SEO 
  • Monetize your blog, and 
  • Promote it on social media

Blogging for beginners

course is intended for both new and experienced bloggers who want to learn how
to create a blog from scratch, hone their craft, and boost readership and
revenue. The course is also appropriate for independent contractors who wish to
use blogging to promote their portfolios and attract new clients. The course is
taught in Urdu and Hindi, making it accessible and simple to grasp for
audiences in Pakistan and India. Additionally, the course is totally free.

What can you learn from the
blogging course by Hisham Sarwar?

The free blogging course by Hisham Sarwar covers a wide range
of blogging-related topics and ideas. The following are some lessons you can
take away from it:

What is blogging?

In this video, he
explains what blogging is, how it operates, the advantages of blogging, the
many types of blogs, blogging platforms, and blogging tools.

How to choose a niche?

In this video, he
shares suggestions on how to choose a blog niche, including how to pinpoint
your interests, carry out market research, evaluate the competition, pinpoint
keywords, and confirm your idea.

How to create a blog?

In this video, he walks you through selecting a domain name, picking a theme, personalizing your site, composing pages and posts, including widgets and plugins, and configuring your site’s settings. 

How to write engaging content?

He demonstrates in
this video how to create blog posts that will draw people in and keep them
interested. Among the subjects he addresses are how to come up with content
ideas, write appealing headlines, organize your material, use images and
videos, add value and personality to your content, and edit and proofread it.

How to optimize your blog for SEO?

He discusses how
to do search engine optimization (SEO) for your blog in this video, which is
the process of raising your site’s visibility and ranking on search engines
like Google. He discusses subjects including conducting keyword research, using
keywords in content, increasing site speed, using meta tags and descriptions,
using internal and external links, and utilizing Google Analytics and Search

How to monetize your blog?

it is in this video.
He discusses subjects like how to use Google AdSense, a program that enables
you to display ads on your site and earn money from clicks and impressions, how
to use affiliate marketing, a strategy for promoting other people’s goods or
services on your site and earning commissions from sales or leads, how to use
sponsored posts, which are articles you write for a brand or company and get
paid for them, and how to use other methods of monetization, such as using ads,
affiliate marketing, and so on.

How to promote your blog on social

In this video, he
shows you how to advertise your blog on social media to increase traffic and
user interaction. Among the subjects he covers are how to select the best
social media platforms for your industry and target audience, how to develop a
social media strategy and plan, how to produce and share useful and pertinent
content on social media, how to use hashtags and keywords effectively, how to
engage with your followers and influencers on social media, and how to measure
and analyses your social media performance and results.

How can the Hisham Sarwar Blogging
course help you?

You can
Learn from an expert.

Sarwar has more than 15 years of experience working as a successful independent
contractor, trainer, and business owner. He has collaborated with several
clients and businesses from various nations and industries. In addition, he
started his own site,, one of the top blogs in Pakistan that
offers news, advice, and ideas on social media marketing, blogging, SEO, and
other related topics. Through his online and offline courses and programming, he
has also trained thousands of pupils. He is an expert in his field and can
impart to you the best techniques and practical approaches.

You can
learn for free.

Sarwar’s blogging course is completely free of cost. Simply subscribe to his YouTube channel or Facebook page
and watch his videos whenever he uploads them. You can connect with him and
other students in his Facebook group there as well. You can ask questions, give
feedback, gain support and advice, and learn from one another’s experiences there.
You may also browse his blog, where you can get further articles and tools on
social media marketing, blogging, SEO, and other topics.

You can
learn at your pace.

Sarwar’s blogging course free download is flexible and self-paced. The videos are
available for you to watch whenever, wherever, and however many times you
choose. The videos can also be skipped, paused, rewound, or fast-forwarded as
needed. You can also jot down notes, complete exercises, put what you learn
into practice, and then use it on your own blog. Additionally, you can watch
the videos again whenever you want a review or an explanation. Without
interruption or deadlines, you can learn at your own pace and comfort level.

You can
learn practical and actionable skills.

Sarwar’s blogging course free download is more than just a theoretical or
conceptual exercise. It is also useful and implementable. He imparts knowledge
that you can put to use on your personal blog. He provides you with concrete
illustrations and case studies of popular blogs and bloggers. He provides you
with advice and tactics you may use right now. He also encourages you to
establish your own blog or develop an existing one by taking action. He assists
you in overcoming the challenges and issues that bloggers frequently encounter.
He walks you through each stage of starting, growing, and monetizing a blog.

How to
Hisham Sarwar Blogging Course Free Download

You Can easily download Hisham Sarwar Blogging Course for Free.


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